English as a Second Language Program (E.S.L.)


Program Description
The ICC ESL Certificate Program is geared to provide quality English language instruction to people with other native languages. The ESL program has an emphasis on teaching the language skills necessary for academic and professional success and growth in English speaking societies. The Program accomplishes this through classes taught by dedicated and professional faculty. A certificate is awarded upon completion.

Program Objectives
English as a Second Language provides comprehensive English skills for non-native English speakers to acquire fluency to communicate in English and support their academic and professional success. The ESL program begins very simply for true beginners in English language, and then gradually progresses to a more advanced level. The curriculum covers basic conversational English, reading, writing, and more.

Specifically, ICC’s ESL Program aims to achieve a high level of English proficiency in these four areas:

1. Fundamental English language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.
2. Regular academic activities such as reading and using academic literature and writing college-level essays.
3. Communicative skills necessary for everyday situation and for academic settings.
4. Communicative competence necessary for general professional activities such as presentation, meetings, and consultation.

Program Overview
ESL students at Ivy Christian College build practical English skills for general, academic, or professional purposes. The program consists of three categories; six-level core ESL program, optional two-level Proficiency/Fluency Program, and Test Preparation Program.

The program offers four quarters yearly. Each quarter lasts 10 weeks followed by a 3-week break. Classes meet for 22.5 hours of classroom instruction/week.

In two years, students should be able to progress through the six-level core ESL program.
Upon completion of ESL program at IVY, students will receive a Certification of Completion that will include the name of the courses, the hours of study.

E.S.L. Program Outline and Course Descriptions.

Six-Level Core ESL:
Course Level Description Of Level

(225 hours/quarter)
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of the English language. It is designed to help students learn the alphabet, the English number system, basic pronunciation skills, vocabulary development and basic spelling of simple words. Students will obtain the basics of English.

(225 hours/quarter)
This course is designed to help students learn important English phrases, greetings, spelling and the fundamental grammatical concepts. It familiarizes students with expressing important needs and wants in English, to give simple requests and to use questions in order to acquire new information. This course is designed to assist students with listening comprehension and speaking.

(225 hours/quarter)
This course emphasizes sentence structure, paragraph organization and usage of formal English grammar. It is designed to help students select/write about the main idea, supporting details and conclusion. This course will help students use the correct form of grammar in paragraph organization.

(225 hours/quarter)
This course is designed to provide practice in a variety of sentence structure, complex verb forms and the writing of sentence in context expanding the gap between the study of English as a second language and the effective use of English in the college classroom. It is designed to improve and practice all 4 skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing and pronunciation skills

(225 hours/quarter)
This course is designed for students who are learning advanced level English reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. It deepens students’ ability to comprehend, respond and use appropriately to authentic spoken and written English in a variety of academic, social and professional settings.

(225 hours/quarter)
This course builds upon the EAP/ESP050 course. This course expands students’ ability to comprehend and analyze authentic texts in English as well as synthesize and organize information to discuss and produce essays and reports.

In addition to the above courses, students have the opportunity to enroll in the following additional advanced level courses to seek more proficiency and fluency in English.

Proficiency/Fluency ESL
Course Level Description Of Level

(225 hours/quarter)
This course develops students' career-related language proficiency, enhances students' awareness of and confidence in career-related and cross-cultural communication and workplace technology, and develops students' proficiency and confidence in business situations including presentations.

(225 hours/quarter)
Students master the language of international affairs and keep pace with today's changing political climate. Practice English through debates on politics, economics, law and other issues.

The TOEFL preparation course is available as an optional advanced course for students enrolled in the ESL program.

Proficiency/Fluency ESL
Course Level Description Of Level
TOEFL Preparation

(225 hours/quarter)
This course familiarizes students with the format of the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT). The course also trains students to apply appropriate test-taking strategies in the skill areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing.