Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs supports the ICC mission through programs, initiatives, and services designed to advance student learning leadership.

Students inspired and supported to engage in transformative college experience that shapes their evolving understanding of self, community, and their contributions in a global society.

Central to our success is a commitment to cultivating deep and meaningful one-to-one relationships with students. We build and sustain collaborative relationship throughout the college to best serve the needs of our student body. Programs, services, and efforts are dedicated to the development of an engaged community among students, faculty, staff and alumni where meaningful and authentic exchange are valued. Division of Student Affairs staffs help students navigate and reflect upon challenges and transitions, and we empower them to become architects of their own learning and development.

Values that Guide Our Work:
Aligning our practice with our core values and the ethical principles of our profession

Investing in concern for the welfare of others and humanity

Fostering an environment where all feel welcomed, accepted and respected

Demonstrating exceptional commitment to our students and aspiring toward quality work and leadership

Anticipating and responding to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve

Active sharing of talent, resources, and time to positively impact the student experience

Leading through creative and forward-looking solutions that advance our mission